Thursday, September 2, 2010

How Automotive Social Networking Management Works

Social networking sites allows the local dealer an opportunity to utilize a powerful tool that provides real-time marketing, ASMN is the series of processes and procedures that manages your Automotive Social Network. ASMN will Expose, Acquire and Engage online car buyers to your current website. Social marketing for the auto industry cannot be looked at as traditional type marketing, but can offer similar or great results.

Social networks are the relationships that tie us directly to our consumers. Think about what happens when you meet someone new. You ask where they work, where they grew up, where they went to school. Eventually, you realize that your childhood friend was in this guy's fraternity in college. Even though you've never met before, you're both part of the same social network -- a friend of a friend. ASMN develops a powerful network of Real-Time Buyers based on the behavior of your Automotive Social Network…utilizing the powerful tool known today, Social Networks!

The term "social network" has been around since the 1950s, but the meteoric rise of social-networking Web sites like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn has turned a dusty sociological phrase into the hottest buzzword of the Internet age.

A social network is a social structure that maps out the relationships between individuals. Technically we all belong to one giant social network, but we also belong to smaller, tighter social networks defined by our families, our friends, where we live, where we work, where we went to school, our hobbies and interests and much more.

ASNM is the science behind the lead; an online transition must take place between the online consumer and the Neighborhood Car Dealer. Most neighborhood car dealers invest in leads every month, on average $16.00 per lead or $1,600.00 per month per lead source in order to sell additional units. ASMN provides a strategic outline of processes and procedures designed for your dealership, around your current culture, your daily routine and the behavior of your online customers. The end result is more leads to your website or more transitions take place and provides your dealership with MORE Opportunities to do Business!! (OTB), FOR LESS.

Your Current Website serves as a Hub of online information for your dealership, it provides Inventory – Contact Forms – Service & Parts Request – Finance Applications – Test Drive Forms and more…..yet Neighborhood Car Dealers Invest an additional $5,000.00 on average, every month to send or remarket the already available Hub of information from their websites to where the online potential buyers are. We do this through third party companies for our Inventory, for our service departments, for our finance departments…….and then we invests even more money for someone or some people internally to manage our investment every month and get a return…….

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Open For Business

Executive manager with extensive experience in Internet Sales, Automotive Social Networking, Business Development, website development, training and virtual marketing. Skilled in Automotive Sales, Desking and direct marketing. Excellent background in Team Management, Sales Training, scheduling, and budgeting. Experienced in developing and implementing Automotive Marketing Campaigns both regional and nationwide marketing programs for major automotive dealerships.

We Are BDC and Dr. Harold Elam Jr are now available for Hire, Dr Elam for the last 12 months have been working under contract for Cole Automotive Group in Bluefield, WV and now the contract has ended. Dr. Elam will be taking a brief break back in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but those Dealers who have any interest in Automotive Social Networking Management, Business Development or Virtual Internet Marketing Dr. Elam is available for hire.

Dr. Harold Elam Jr is a Philadelphia native, graduate of Overbrook Senior High School, Class of 1985. Completed undergraduate at UC Irvine in California...and received his Doctorate in Philosophy from University of Canterbury. Started his teaching career in 1995 with Fayetteville State University, took a summer position with Leith Automotive Group......and never looked back. He is President of We Are BDC, and one of the pioneers of Automotive E-Marketing and Automotive Social Networking Management, Automotive Business Development. Dr. Elam has over 15 real years of direct automotive, management and internet experience, and has grown to become an icon among local Automotive Dealers. Dr. Elam's work and professional advice is in great demand in the automotive industry. He also received his Doctorate in Systematic Theology from Universal Ministries, and serves as a minister in his local church, Unity Christian Fellowship

Social Networking, innovation and customer service is essential in this era of the expanding automotive and customer service industry. Automotive sales, social networking and customer service must be consolidated. In good times or bad, your company, its employees, and affiliates must continue to refine their focus in this ever-changing customer friendly social environment. SCD for the automotive industry will help define clear goals and the plans to achieve them. The implementation of Automotive Social Networking Management will excite the market place with aggressive, bold, and always effective tools that have been tested, proven to be effective and are now ready to be put into place to make your company that much more successful. Automotive Social Networking Management is defined as;

"Taking What You Have And Making It Better"

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are We Playing By The Rules?

First let me start with a process that we have not fully implemented into our daily routine as car people, Automotive Social Networking Management. ASNM is a series of processes and procedures designed to help you in key touch points of your dealership, your website, your cost per lead and ultimately your number of new leads you receive for FREE.

ASNM is a created science based on the trackable behavior of your guest across multi-channel connections, Social Networks has offered us a new platform and has changed the rules and the way we can now do business. You must first lose everything you have been doing when it comes to traditional type marketing and adapt to a new outlook, there has been a major paradigm shift and with every new shift, comes new rules. My question then is "Are You Playing By The Rules"

When we start online, we must first take a real strong look at our own website, the current activity and the leads we are getting....we must then look at the leads we pay for (, Autotrader, Dealix etc), cost per sale and the final many sold. Once we know the trend, ask ourselves what could be eliminated from cost and replaced by social networking without spending new money?...Can Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace offer additional leads and traffic to my site? This is where ASNM comes in to play to help you establish a Social Community across multi-channels (NO-Pay Lead Sources) is what I have begin calling this process.

You must then define 10 social networking sites in which you want to use to start and build your community, making your own website the home base for customer’s online behavior. Utilize your current message and theme of your dealership across the board…DO NOT CHANGE your message, the power of social sites will almost immediately help increase your SEO positions and generate higher rankings based on your message, which will ultimately become your most used key words. Need additional information visit Ask Dr. Elam @