Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Neighborhood Is Coming

Attention North & South Carolina
Online Area Residents
Sport Durst Millennium Automotive Group, Neighborhood Dealers and Dr. Harold Elam Jr. have partnered to bring Online Automotive Shoppers The Most Update-To-Date, Cutting Edge Online Portal for your Next vehicle purchase. David "Sport" Durst and his General Manager, Mo. Sweeney have completed an exclusive contract with Dr. Harold Elam Jr and his Neighborhood Dealer Project. Together the team begun a strong run for Auto Trader & through a simple and more effective series of automotive processes and procedures developed to help consumers get The Best Services online that are currently available!!

The Partnership has already taken on-line car buying to another level; thousands of consumers have been participating with content, comments, vehicle purchases and Real on-time recommendations for Neighborhood Dealers. Sport Durst M.A.G. is a Durham based Automotive Group, which represents
Lotus, Mazda, Hyundai & Luxury Preowned, Dr. Elam is Founder of We Are BDC, known for the development of Automotive E-Marketing, a complete Business Development Firm, dedicated to the advancement of Automobile Dealerships through virtual activity. The partnership is new, yet the effects have already been seen...through a record month in June of online business, without the enormous investment of Third Party Lead Providers most dealers currently use every month, like Auto trader, and Auto Mart. The Neighborhood operating in Beta mode was still enough to generate a residual flow of Right Now Buying traffic to The Dealer Group's locations and/or web sites from the community that they currently service. Sport Durst MAG is in the process of officially launching this community based virtual neighborhood for North Carolina in mid-July or early August, this is a strategically based marketing platform designed to help the local consumer always get The Best Service, The Best Price, from The Best People....Everyday, All The Time, Without Fail...No Exceptions!!

Welcome To The Neighborhood!!
We are posting this notice today because the company is currently having a Huge Inventory Reduction Sale, and is seeking The Public's help on moving inventory to make the much needed space for The All-New 2009 Mazda6, The 2009 Hyundai Genius, and long waited for All-New Lotus. The Neighborhood is bringing your neighbors and their friends together Online, creating a place to go and do All That You Need To Do...............Before You Buy!!

"We Speak For The Consumers” in our neighborhoods"

If you currently are in the market to Service, Finance, Lease or Purchase a Vehicle, Right Now you can join The Neighborhood Partner Recommendation Program for FREE, and obtain exclusive rights to Inside Information on Private Sales, Pre-Launched Manufacturer Models, Concierge Services, Finance Discounts, Special Monthly Rates and more!! The Neighborhood Partner Recommendation Program will officially be launched Friday, July 10, 2008 with thousands of Online Neighbors, just like you in the market for a Car, Truck or SUV. One of the key ingredients that have attracted so many consumers is the fact that The Website is a Community Based Portal designed and developed around the consumer and The Neighborhood for which they reside. The Neighborhood becomes your online partner, helping you through the process before you ever visit Your Neighborhood Dealership, It's Just That Simple. Should you require additional information, E-commerce Online Specialist are available to answer questions, quote prices and even deliver your next test drive to your home or office!! It has never been easier to purchase vehicle until now!!

Welcome To The Neighborhood!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Online Story

"Changing The Cost Of Performance"

Ms. Katherine R. Jackson

Dr. Harold Elam Jr, Founder, and President of We are BDC, and the creator of Automotive E-Marketing, or NOT? Dr. Elam and his team of Bad Boys, as he calls them, have created a new concept that is catching on with automobile dealers, everywhere; and when we say everywhere, I mean everywhere. The BDC Team recently received inquires from Australia, the United Kingdom and a little place called China. A little FYI on Dr. Elam, who is well known in the car business for his memorable clich├ęs; "To Blessed To Be Depressed & To Anointed To Be Disappointed" just to name a few, and also for his un-orthodox methods, for which he created and utilized through his 15 year career in direct car sales; Such methods as "Automotive Social Networking Management", "Power Prospecting", "Power Phone-Ups", "Systematic Concept Duplication", "Automotive Business Development", and his award winning success method, "Electronic Direct Mail" or what has come to be known as Automotive E-marketing.......

Dr. Elam and his team of Automotive Bad Boys, have formed We Are BDC and they have all learned to live up to their Founders Motto; "Attitude Is Everything" Dr. Elam said...

"we are all ex-car people who broke the rules to set a standard, in which many green peas today accept as law"

The company was actually formed after a failed partnership Elam had experienced, but vowed to never give up nor give in, and NEVER let the others see him loose. Along with his wife, Reshanda and close neighborhood associate, Jason DeMartino. A new company was born, a small fish in ocean of sharks...Elam said...

"our competition consisted of much larger companies, with more money, more experience, and most of all, more clients"

Elam and The We Are BDC team were up against all the odds, advertising companies, search engine competitors, direct mail gurus, radio, TV, Print and that was just to name a few., but Elam was determined to implement the science he had created, utilized and proven to work through his own 15 year success, a series of Strategic Automotive Processes and Procedures designed for the retail automotive industry. Elam said...

"If KFC, can do just chicken, than We Are BDC, would be exclusive to the Car Dealer, and supply the services that they demand from the people they employ"

The We Are BDC team of Automotive Bad Boys would release a method built from the same format as direct mail, along with the speed of the internet, through electronic mail and a Partnership with Constant Contact, giving The Bad Boys power to launch millions of emails, with total control over monitoring, tracking, and building Real-Time Reports. When you put all this together, along with the madness of Dr. Elam, you get what We Are BDC calls Automotive E-Marketing, "Changing The Cost Of Performance" and what a ride it has become!!
DeMartino, who serves as Vice-President of development, told me that Business is still not, where it should be, but that their client base continues to grow, as more and more dealers begin to understand the importance of the internet, and how their Processes and Procedures are more than what traditional advertising sources are currently offering. DeMartino said...

"Dealers need to understand that Automotive E-Marketing is nothing but Direct Mail on steroids!"

I spent the day with Dr. Elam and his team of Automotive Specialist, and their entire day is dedicated to online activity, we watched as the team monitored, re-directed, tracked, updated, responded, called, follow-upped, and scheduled appointments, all from online activity. Who knew that there was more traffic on the web looking for a great deal, than people reading the newspaper, watching TV or even listening to the radio. I must say, watching The We Are BDC team, was like being in New York and watching a great taxi driver, navigate through the city, and getting his occupants right where they want to be. They know the city, they know the Dialogue and how to get customers where they need to go. The team is online, all the time, they serve as a sort of mediator between the buyer and the seller, currently representing 20 dealer partners in 10 states, both franchise and independent, and still growing.
The world is changing and We Are BDC is prepared to help Car Dealers through the changes, if you do not have it and you want it, Get Connected with Dr. Elam and The Bad Boys of the car Business.

About the Author
Senior Writer Online Business News Publisher 4220 Wallace Street Philadelphia, Pa 19104 ©OBN 2006

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Web Site Management

Web Site Management

We Are BDC offers one of the fastest growing virtual services to Automobile Dealerships, Web Site Management. Our goal is to ensure that your web site benefits your dealership and its users; we clearly help your dealership(s) define your web site goals from the beginning. Our team of Automotive Specialist focuses on a primary function and the redevelop your site around simplicity, productivity, & ease of navigation, delivering your products and/or services to your visitors. We are BDC works closely with your key management in Sales, Service, Parts, and Finance, clearly defining the goals that will help keep your priorities in perspective as we manage the process of building your online presence.

The very first step is to balance your dealership goals, the needs of your online audience, and your resources to recreate and manage an effective Web site. Second, we assist you in setting and managing your longer-term goals, so that your web site will function and produce results that will lead to additional vehicle deliveries. Some benefits of Web Site Management are:
· Online Sales. Since your primary business is selling Vehicles and providing services, we focus on creating an online dealership environment that gives visitors a sense of place (so they can easily find what they are looking for) and makes purchasing simple and easy. This process begins the elimination of Third Party Leads and the growing investment……We Cut Cost First!

· Marketing. Advertising budgets for many Dealerships have grown tremendously over the last five years; we implement the human and virtual element in marketing Your Dealership, Your Culture, Your Product, and Your People. Included with all Web Site Management programs is our strategic virtual marketing process, that enables your web site to produce;
o Online brochures
o Monthly Newsletters
o E-Marketing Campaigns (Electronic Direct Mail)
o Follow-up Processes & Procedures
o Email Data Base
o Online Prospecting

Once again cutting your current advertising investment to almost 50% in 180 days (6 Months), we always take what you already have and make it better. This sort of Web site will deliver useful, practical information about your sales, service, parts & finance, and enable you to develop your image and build trust and customer loyalty.

· Online Service. For your online Service & Parts, we build and manage an infrastructure from your existing web site for the delivery of your service. This type of web site management is more complex than the first two. We assess and identify through the goals of your fixed operations and parts department. We Are BDC helps your key management determine the need and what you will feature on your Service & Parts portion of your Online Dealership, and how you will handle online service appointments, parts orders, payments, and process online orders.

· Information delivery. Getting information out to online buyers concerning your finance & insurance departments, its practices and creed of doing business, publishing warranty, insurance & Gap availability information, increases the bottom line with online sells. When this information is managed and made available to your guest, their time spent on your web site increases, along with the opportunity to sell more than just another vehicle. We help your Finance Department determine how to market, manage and produce from your online Finance Department.

· Customer support. While every dealership with a Web site may want to provide some level of customer support, We Are BDC implements a higher level of support. Web Site Management enables your online guest to give their opinion, comments, questions and criticisms, which will require a much more sophisticated design. Whether you are selling directly from the Web or from a physical dealership, providing up-to-date vehicle, service, parts & finance information, tips and tricks for using your web site, and a page for frequently asked questions (FAQ) makes it easy for customers to get the information they need. You may want to plan to automate these functions.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Automotive Social Networking Managment"Changing The Cost Of Performance"

2039 Merrimac Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28304
Neighborhood Dealers
Systematic Concept Duplication...

What Is SCD? (Systematic Concept Duplication)
Systematic Concept Duplication is a created science for target marketing, it consist of a series of strategic processes and procedures, that all have their individual identities and already established proven functions, yet operating in sync as one concept. SCD means having a corporate strategy for ensuring that your company realizes their full potential. It is an overall strategy that begins by placing all consumers at the center of everything your company does. SCD also involves employing practical techniques and strategies that will improve all of your business processes.

The end result is to make your existing Corporation-
  • More profitable
  • Be a more enjoyable place to work
  • Have happy contented customers that come back again and again....with their friends

Applying your industry

Innovation and customer service is essential in this era of the expanding automotive and customer service industry. Automotive sales, technology and customer service must be consolidated. In good times or bad, your company, its employees, and affiliates must continue to refine their focus in this ever-changing customer friendly virtual environment. SCD for the automotive industry will help define clear goals and the plans to achieve them. The implementation of our Automotive Processes & Procedures will excite the market place with aggressive, bold, and always effective tools that have been tested, proven to be effective and are now ready to be put into place to make your company that much more successful. Automotive Business Development is defined as;

"Taking What You Have And Making It Better"

The Goal.......SCD 10 Steps To the End-Result

  1. Deliver Online Customers

  2. Handling All facets Of Advertising & Marketing

  3. Making Business Development Profitable

  4. Keeping & Growing Your Customer Base

  5. Turning Leads Into Prospects

  6. Controlling The Web-Driven Environment

  7. Strategic DMS Integration

  8. Automotive E-marketing

  9. Power Follow-Up Programs

  10. Virtual Prospecting
SCD involves the human element, the mindset of the people, and the ability to show them a better way. We have taken successful processes and procedures from various industries, integrated them with the ABC's of the Automotive Business, always getting the same end-result. The entire concept is designed to be implemented into the everyday procedures of those key employees who play an active role in the current and continual success of your company.

The following departments are normally created to function as separate identities, SCD combines these departments to make a well-organized machine operating to achieve the same goal, the same End-Result.

  • Business Development Department

  • The Internet Center

  • The Social Networking Center

  • The Tracking Center

  • The Customer Relations Center

  • Marketing & Advertising
The System..........

Simplicity quickly defines the system that will be created around your goals and expectations, your company's end-result. The key principals of SCD as applied to your company will include a group of automotive, guest relations and sales elements forming a complex whole. Training, Technology and Merchandising begin the applied concept, there is no one rule or starting point for SCD, it is very conformable to almost any already applied process. Change is never the goal, because with change, you always get resistance, and that will cause a waste of valuable time. A detailed, yet quick assessment and interview of key employees, their departments, their functions and their goals are made. We take what you already have and make it better, by creating better people through their own already established processes and procedures.

SCD must become the key to the driving growth of your company. Only when every point of sales, service and customer contact is finely tuned, can you build loyalty, the key to growing your company. SCD's Automotive Business Development transforms the culture of your dealerships into a smooth machine geared to capture, control and manage customers and grow your bottom line. Though we have the knowledge to generate, build and manage, our industry lacks the ability to manage processes and procedures, we start but truly never follow through.

The virtual world continues to grow in and around the automotiveindustry, Automotive Business Development (ABD) helps control the growth and capture those customers who are searching the web for service, finance, and/or sales and have chosen your dealerships. Today's consumers spend more time researching information on the internet about their next purchase.

The Concept..........

Application is the key ingredient to the concept of SCD, once there has been a detailed introduction, overview and assessment, the concept is applied to the dealer's already established routine through Key employees. The concept is defined as, evaluate, update, eliminate, and replace effective methods from other industries into the daily routine of your key employees, and allowing them to benefit from the results. There must be a quick and effective integration into your already established departments that include the internet, Business Development, and guest relations, turning your dealerships into an internet savvy environment, without changing the culture.

True success through Automotive Business Development involves, first the leader's goals and expectations for their dealerships, their employees, and their individual departments. ABD allows for the leader to duplicate their efforts directly into their key employees, the environment, the mind-set and expectations of all guests. Our industry already knows what to do, but without application through the human element, everything that we have utilized in the past becomes worthless. SCD allows for value to be created within your environment, replacing the thinking, the verbiage, and attitudes of key employees, with innovative thinking. Always allowing your dealership the ability to adjust any situation to your advantage. Creating a recession proof business, that will profit in good times and bad, regardless of the season. The End-Result will become, A Residual Flow Of Quality Traffic.

SCD maintains a balance between the thinking of your employees and the expectations of your guest. Unfortunately, people have attitudes, but through SCD applied concepts, your people will take on a new attitude and method for handling almost any situation. They become constant thinkers, taught to utilize their Reticular Activating System, in turn creating in your dealerships a network of Ah Ha's...that will establish the How they go along.

The Reticular Activating System is the attention center in the brain. It is the key to "turning on your brain," and seems to be the center of motivation.

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