Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Web Site Management

Web Site Management

We Are BDC offers one of the fastest growing virtual services to Automobile Dealerships, Web Site Management. Our goal is to ensure that your web site benefits your dealership and its users; we clearly help your dealership(s) define your web site goals from the beginning. Our team of Automotive Specialist focuses on a primary function and the redevelop your site around simplicity, productivity, & ease of navigation, delivering your products and/or services to your visitors. We are BDC works closely with your key management in Sales, Service, Parts, and Finance, clearly defining the goals that will help keep your priorities in perspective as we manage the process of building your online presence.

The very first step is to balance your dealership goals, the needs of your online audience, and your resources to recreate and manage an effective Web site. Second, we assist you in setting and managing your longer-term goals, so that your web site will function and produce results that will lead to additional vehicle deliveries. Some benefits of Web Site Management are:
· Online Sales. Since your primary business is selling Vehicles and providing services, we focus on creating an online dealership environment that gives visitors a sense of place (so they can easily find what they are looking for) and makes purchasing simple and easy. This process begins the elimination of Third Party Leads and the growing investment……We Cut Cost First!

· Marketing. Advertising budgets for many Dealerships have grown tremendously over the last five years; we implement the human and virtual element in marketing Your Dealership, Your Culture, Your Product, and Your People. Included with all Web Site Management programs is our strategic virtual marketing process, that enables your web site to produce;
o Online brochures
o Monthly Newsletters
o E-Marketing Campaigns (Electronic Direct Mail)
o Follow-up Processes & Procedures
o Email Data Base
o Online Prospecting

Once again cutting your current advertising investment to almost 50% in 180 days (6 Months), we always take what you already have and make it better. This sort of Web site will deliver useful, practical information about your sales, service, parts & finance, and enable you to develop your image and build trust and customer loyalty.

· Online Service. For your online Service & Parts, we build and manage an infrastructure from your existing web site for the delivery of your service. This type of web site management is more complex than the first two. We assess and identify through the goals of your fixed operations and parts department. We Are BDC helps your key management determine the need and what you will feature on your Service & Parts portion of your Online Dealership, and how you will handle online service appointments, parts orders, payments, and process online orders.

· Information delivery. Getting information out to online buyers concerning your finance & insurance departments, its practices and creed of doing business, publishing warranty, insurance & Gap availability information, increases the bottom line with online sells. When this information is managed and made available to your guest, their time spent on your web site increases, along with the opportunity to sell more than just another vehicle. We help your Finance Department determine how to market, manage and produce from your online Finance Department.

· Customer support. While every dealership with a Web site may want to provide some level of customer support, We Are BDC implements a higher level of support. Web Site Management enables your online guest to give their opinion, comments, questions and criticisms, which will require a much more sophisticated design. Whether you are selling directly from the Web or from a physical dealership, providing up-to-date vehicle, service, parts & finance information, tips and tricks for using your web site, and a page for frequently asked questions (FAQ) makes it easy for customers to get the information they need. You may want to plan to automate these functions.