Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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"Changing The Cost Of Performance"

Ms. Katherine R. Jackson

Dr. Harold Elam Jr, Founder, and President of We are BDC, and the creator of Automotive E-Marketing, or NOT? Dr. Elam and his team of Bad Boys, as he calls them, have created a new concept that is catching on with automobile dealers, everywhere; and when we say everywhere, I mean everywhere. The BDC Team recently received inquires from Australia, the United Kingdom and a little place called China. A little FYI on Dr. Elam, who is well known in the car business for his memorable clich├ęs; "To Blessed To Be Depressed & To Anointed To Be Disappointed" just to name a few, and also for his un-orthodox methods, for which he created and utilized through his 15 year career in direct car sales; Such methods as "Automotive Social Networking Management", "Power Prospecting", "Power Phone-Ups", "Systematic Concept Duplication", "Automotive Business Development", and his award winning success method, "Electronic Direct Mail" or what has come to be known as Automotive E-marketing.......

Dr. Elam and his team of Automotive Bad Boys, have formed We Are BDC and they have all learned to live up to their Founders Motto; "Attitude Is Everything" Dr. Elam said...

"we are all ex-car people who broke the rules to set a standard, in which many green peas today accept as law"

The company was actually formed after a failed partnership Elam had experienced, but vowed to never give up nor give in, and NEVER let the others see him loose. Along with his wife, Reshanda and close neighborhood associate, Jason DeMartino. A new company was born, a small fish in ocean of sharks...Elam said...

"our competition consisted of much larger companies, with more money, more experience, and most of all, more clients"

Elam and The We Are BDC team were up against all the odds, advertising companies, search engine competitors, direct mail gurus, radio, TV, Print and that was just to name a few., but Elam was determined to implement the science he had created, utilized and proven to work through his own 15 year success, a series of Strategic Automotive Processes and Procedures designed for the retail automotive industry. Elam said...

"If KFC, can do just chicken, than We Are BDC, would be exclusive to the Car Dealer, and supply the services that they demand from the people they employ"

The We Are BDC team of Automotive Bad Boys would release a method built from the same format as direct mail, along with the speed of the internet, through electronic mail and a Partnership with Constant Contact, giving The Bad Boys power to launch millions of emails, with total control over monitoring, tracking, and building Real-Time Reports. When you put all this together, along with the madness of Dr. Elam, you get what We Are BDC calls Automotive E-Marketing, "Changing The Cost Of Performance" and what a ride it has become!!
DeMartino, who serves as Vice-President of development, told me that Business is still not, where it should be, but that their client base continues to grow, as more and more dealers begin to understand the importance of the internet, and how their Processes and Procedures are more than what traditional advertising sources are currently offering. DeMartino said...

"Dealers need to understand that Automotive E-Marketing is nothing but Direct Mail on steroids!"

I spent the day with Dr. Elam and his team of Automotive Specialist, and their entire day is dedicated to online activity, we watched as the team monitored, re-directed, tracked, updated, responded, called, follow-upped, and scheduled appointments, all from online activity. Who knew that there was more traffic on the web looking for a great deal, than people reading the newspaper, watching TV or even listening to the radio. I must say, watching The We Are BDC team, was like being in New York and watching a great taxi driver, navigate through the city, and getting his occupants right where they want to be. They know the city, they know the Dialogue and how to get customers where they need to go. The team is online, all the time, they serve as a sort of mediator between the buyer and the seller, currently representing 20 dealer partners in 10 states, both franchise and independent, and still growing.
The world is changing and We Are BDC is prepared to help Car Dealers through the changes, if you do not have it and you want it, Get Connected with Dr. Elam and The Bad Boys of the car Business.

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