Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Neighborhood Is Coming

Attention North & South Carolina
Online Area Residents
Sport Durst Millennium Automotive Group, Neighborhood Dealers and Dr. Harold Elam Jr. have partnered to bring Online Automotive Shoppers The Most Update-To-Date, Cutting Edge Online Portal for your Next vehicle purchase. David "Sport" Durst and his General Manager, Mo. Sweeney have completed an exclusive contract with Dr. Harold Elam Jr and his Neighborhood Dealer Project. Together the team begun a strong run for Auto Trader & through a simple and more effective series of automotive processes and procedures developed to help consumers get The Best Services online that are currently available!!

The Partnership has already taken on-line car buying to another level; thousands of consumers have been participating with content, comments, vehicle purchases and Real on-time recommendations for Neighborhood Dealers. Sport Durst M.A.G. is a Durham based Automotive Group, which represents
Lotus, Mazda, Hyundai & Luxury Preowned, Dr. Elam is Founder of We Are BDC, known for the development of Automotive E-Marketing, a complete Business Development Firm, dedicated to the advancement of Automobile Dealerships through virtual activity. The partnership is new, yet the effects have already been seen...through a record month in June of online business, without the enormous investment of Third Party Lead Providers most dealers currently use every month, like Auto trader, and Auto Mart. The Neighborhood operating in Beta mode was still enough to generate a residual flow of Right Now Buying traffic to The Dealer Group's locations and/or web sites from the community that they currently service. Sport Durst MAG is in the process of officially launching this community based virtual neighborhood for North Carolina in mid-July or early August, this is a strategically based marketing platform designed to help the local consumer always get The Best Service, The Best Price, from The Best People....Everyday, All The Time, Without Fail...No Exceptions!!

Welcome To The Neighborhood!!
We are posting this notice today because the company is currently having a Huge Inventory Reduction Sale, and is seeking The Public's help on moving inventory to make the much needed space for The All-New 2009 Mazda6, The 2009 Hyundai Genius, and long waited for All-New Lotus. The Neighborhood is bringing your neighbors and their friends together Online, creating a place to go and do All That You Need To Do...............Before You Buy!!

"We Speak For The Consumers” in our neighborhoods"

If you currently are in the market to Service, Finance, Lease or Purchase a Vehicle, Right Now you can join The Neighborhood Partner Recommendation Program for FREE, and obtain exclusive rights to Inside Information on Private Sales, Pre-Launched Manufacturer Models, Concierge Services, Finance Discounts, Special Monthly Rates and more!! The Neighborhood Partner Recommendation Program will officially be launched Friday, July 10, 2008 with thousands of Online Neighbors, just like you in the market for a Car, Truck or SUV. One of the key ingredients that have attracted so many consumers is the fact that The Website is a Community Based Portal designed and developed around the consumer and The Neighborhood for which they reside. The Neighborhood becomes your online partner, helping you through the process before you ever visit Your Neighborhood Dealership, It's Just That Simple. Should you require additional information, E-commerce Online Specialist are available to answer questions, quote prices and even deliver your next test drive to your home or office!! It has never been easier to purchase vehicle until now!!

Welcome To The Neighborhood!!