Friday, August 29, 2008

Declining Gas Prices....Increase SUV Value?

Local North Carolina Dealer..Buying SUV's?

Who would ever thought that declining gas prices would increase the value of SUVs’ and one dealer in Durham NC has began to take advantage of this economic boom and local residents agree, Sport Durst Millennium Automotive Group operates Lotus, Mazda & Hyundai Dealerships and They Are Still Trading For SUV's Large and Small, V8 or V6, I had to ask the question, Are They Crazy? or is this a Marketing Gimmick to increase business?

What ever it may be, in the recent weeks Sport Durst has meant the demands of their local market, not only trading for Large SUV's, but allowing residents above fair market value. No Other Dealership in their market was willing to do what they have been doing and it has been working for them. Would you buy an SUV if it were affordable or are Gas prices still drawing you away from The SUV