Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My America

I wanted to share this with as many people as possible, with the hopes that they would follow my lead and together we start something that can been seen & heard across America. I am 41 year old Black American Christian Father, who is currently a republican...that might vote democrat this year, because in my America I do need a change and from what I have read so far; The Obama campaign is offering the change I am looking for.

This note I am writing is not about me, but my America and your America. I am setting the tone on what I am really hoping to get from you in your responses to this public note. I wanted others to see what I see in America, and what I understand about the current situation. I have a $75,000.00 + annual compensation package; I live in North Carolina in an upscale multi-culture Neighborhood. I have three children, two that live with me and one with my ex-wife in Texas. I pay my taxes; I pay my child support and drive a 2008 Nissan.

The current state of my America, does not always line up with what is going on...and here is where you also can add your America to the picture. Together we make up this country, but at times, as unique individuals it appears that we don't fit in...at least in my America. This election, this bail-out, this war.....every part of the current situation has affected my America. In my America I would love to see the first black President, but I do not want to vote for him, just because he is Black. I do know that McCain has disturbed me over the last four weeks with changing....maybe he really is the candidate of change!! His Vice-President choice, another character that seems as if she was thrown into this race. I do believe she is a good mother, wife and Governor...but not ready for what they are about to do over the next 30 days before the election.

The Wall-Street, Main-Street bailout, still out on this one….I am in the automotive industry, we had our problems before the bail-out. It has not affected my America as of yet…but I do see the potential. In my America, soldiers should come home….at one time I was told in my America we won the war, well?.....take what we want and come to the house, why are we still fighting and loosing lives of families who live in America. The price of gas in my America…that is problem, I work one hour and forty-five minutes from home…it cost me about $520.00 every month to get back and forth to work!...in my America, that is to much Da***!! money, yet I must do what I do in my America for my family. I am watching this economy, just in case the bottom falls out and we began to feel the effects in the car industry. Tell America about your America; join me in reaching those who may listen, if nothing else we began to know each other and where we stand…truthfully!! Not some poll that the media says we belong to