Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are We Playing By The Rules?

First let me start with a process that we have not fully implemented into our daily routine as car people, Automotive Social Networking Management. ASNM is a series of processes and procedures designed to help you in key touch points of your dealership, your website, your cost per lead and ultimately your number of new leads you receive for FREE.

ASNM is a created science based on the trackable behavior of your guest across multi-channel connections, Social Networks has offered us a new platform and has changed the rules and the way we can now do business. You must first lose everything you have been doing when it comes to traditional type marketing and adapt to a new outlook, there has been a major paradigm shift and with every new shift, comes new rules. My question then is "Are You Playing By The Rules"

When we start online, we must first take a real strong look at our own website, the current activity and the leads we are getting....we must then look at the leads we pay for (Cars.com, Autotrader, Dealix etc), cost per sale and the final outcome...how many sold. Once we know the trend, ask ourselves what could be eliminated from cost and replaced by social networking without spending new money?...Can Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace offer additional leads and traffic to my site? This is where ASNM comes in to play to help you establish a Social Community across multi-channels (NO-Pay Lead Sources) is what I have begin calling this process.

You must then define 10 social networking sites in which you want to use to start and build your community, making your own website the home base for customer’s online behavior. Utilize your current message and theme of your dealership across the board…DO NOT CHANGE your message, the power of social sites will almost immediately help increase your SEO positions and generate higher rankings based on your message, which will ultimately become your most used key words. Need additional information visit Ask Dr. Elam @ www.neighborhooddealers.com