Thursday, August 26, 2010

Open For Business

Executive manager with extensive experience in Internet Sales, Automotive Social Networking, Business Development, website development, training and virtual marketing. Skilled in Automotive Sales, Desking and direct marketing. Excellent background in Team Management, Sales Training, scheduling, and budgeting. Experienced in developing and implementing Automotive Marketing Campaigns both regional and nationwide marketing programs for major automotive dealerships.

We Are BDC and Dr. Harold Elam Jr are now available for Hire, Dr Elam for the last 12 months have been working under contract for Cole Automotive Group in Bluefield, WV and now the contract has ended. Dr. Elam will be taking a brief break back in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but those Dealers who have any interest in Automotive Social Networking Management, Business Development or Virtual Internet Marketing Dr. Elam is available for hire.

Dr. Harold Elam Jr is a Philadelphia native, graduate of Overbrook Senior High School, Class of 1985. Completed undergraduate at UC Irvine in California...and received his Doctorate in Philosophy from University of Canterbury. Started his teaching career in 1995 with Fayetteville State University, took a summer position with Leith Automotive Group......and never looked back. He is President of We Are BDC, and one of the pioneers of Automotive E-Marketing and Automotive Social Networking Management, Automotive Business Development. Dr. Elam has over 15 real years of direct automotive, management and internet experience, and has grown to become an icon among local Automotive Dealers. Dr. Elam's work and professional advice is in great demand in the automotive industry. He also received his Doctorate in Systematic Theology from Universal Ministries, and serves as a minister in his local church, Unity Christian Fellowship

Social Networking, innovation and customer service is essential in this era of the expanding automotive and customer service industry. Automotive sales, social networking and customer service must be consolidated. In good times or bad, your company, its employees, and affiliates must continue to refine their focus in this ever-changing customer friendly social environment. SCD for the automotive industry will help define clear goals and the plans to achieve them. The implementation of Automotive Social Networking Management will excite the market place with aggressive, bold, and always effective tools that have been tested, proven to be effective and are now ready to be put into place to make your company that much more successful. Automotive Social Networking Management is defined as;

"Taking What You Have And Making It Better"

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